Halloween Fun-part two

Monday, October 25, 2010

After searching online, I found a few more crafts that I wanted to try, and I’m happy with the extra bit of Halloween they’ve added!

The first and most simple-the bats!  I found them here, and I love that she made 100 of them!  I only made ten, but Jack doesn’t mind.imageI love the old fashion look of mason jars, so when I came across this tutorial, I really wanted to try it.  The etching cream was very easy to work with-I’m already trying to think of other ways to use it!imageThen there were the Halloween goodies for Kendall and Eva and a few of Jack’s other little friends.  I found these cute bags, with a printable pattern, and thought they’d be perfect for our cute niece and goddaughter.imageWe gave Kendall hers last weekend when she came to visit-check her out! image image And thanks to Amy, we made ghosts for a few little friends.  Jack loved making his at Emory and Watson’s party and now fondly calls it ‘my ghost’.image I hope Jack enjoys our Halloween flare and that some of these ideas from super crafty mommies have inspired you like they did me.  Now to start searching for Thanksgiving ideas! 


Amy said...

I found the bat idea too but didn't get to them. I LOVE how she used a billion of them in her kitchen, but if I did that Emory was absolutely freak out! So cute! Share your Thanksgiving ideas when you find them!

Whitney Bouknight said...

Did you and Amy make those candy corn decorations in your doorway? They are so cute!