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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mark is Jack’s hero.  He thinks his daddy can do anything.  We joke that Jack wears Mark Thomas pajamas!imageLast night we were eating supper and Mark wasn’t home yet.  He kept asking, “Daddy at the office?  He comin’ home?  I want to see him, mommy.”  So we made Mark a little video to show him how much his little boy loves him.  At the end, you can hear him say, “I want him.”  Awww!

We were leaving for school this morning, and he said he wanted his glasses like daddy’s glasses.  He put them on himself and then said, “Ta da!”.imageThe Five Points fountain was dyed green last week, so Jack has a renewed interest in it.  He noticed that it was off this morning as we passed by, so he said, “Water Fountain’s off, mommy.  I ask daddy turn it on.  He prolly turn it on for me.”  You’re right, buddy!  Your daddy will do anything he can for you!  You’re so lucky to have him!

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