Three Months Old

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sweet Sammy-you’re three months old today! It really seems like just yesterday that it was Christmastime and we were wondering when we would hang your stocking. How are you three months old already? You looked just like Jack when you were born, but I think you’re starting to get your own little look.imageYou’re such a laid back little guy and completely go with the flow. You don’t cry much unless it’s bath time. And then you scream. Big time! I’m not sure why you don’t like it, and it’s so sad to hear you cry so hard, sweet boy! You nurse every four or so hours during the day and sleep through the night. At around ten weeks, you gave up your ten o’clock feeding, and I wake you in the morning around seven or seven-thirty. You’re such a super sleeper!imageYou smile, smile, smile and we love it!! The other morning I was in Bible Study and had you in your carrier at my feet. You were just looking up at me, and as soon as we’d catch eyes you’d give me the biggest smiles! My heart was melting! You’ve giggled a few times, and I cannot wait until those giggles happen more often. That’s one of my favorite things!image And then there’s your big brother. He loves you so much, and you’re starting to really watch him. How can you not when he’s loving you up close, huh?! But you don’t mind that either! Oooh, you’re just the sweetest baby, and we’re oh so thankful you’re ours!

We love you sweet baby! More than you can imagine!
Daddy and Mommy!

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