Jack’s Airplane Party-the birthday boy!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My birthday boy!  After all the talking we did about his airplane party, it was finally here!imageI think Jack was really excited about it because he woke up at 4am-so unlike him.  Mark and I were nervous that he’d be a mess during the party (he kind of was before the party!), but when Jack’s friends started arriving, it was play time!  He had so much fun with everyone-I was so happy for him!   image imageimage Sam was celebrating, too.  Yep, he’s wild and crazy like that!image After singing Happy Birthday to a number of friends and family lately, it’s become one of Jack’s favorite songs.  When it was time to sing to him, he. loved. it!  The sweet little smile on his face is something I’ll remember forever.  So was watching him blow out his two candles.  Oh, I love it! imageimage And, boy did he enjoy that cake and ice cream.  I think he even got an ice cream headache from digging in too fast!imageimageWe’re so happy you had so much fun at your party, sweet boy!  What a blessing not only to have a healthy, growing newly two-year-old, but also to have wonderful family and friends to celebrate with!   imageWe love you so much, birthday boy! image

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