Cottle Strawberry Farm

Friday, April 29, 2011

The boys and I went to the Strawberry Farm with the Duprees this afternoon and had so much fun! imageWell, at least most of us did!image imageJack was not in the strawberry picking mood.  I woke him from his nap, and while he was super sweet when I woke him (He rolled over when he felt me rubbing his back and said with the sweetest smile, “It’s my mommy!  My mommy wakin’ me up!”), I knew he’d be a bit out of sorts.  He didn’t pick a single berry.  As a matter of fact, he dumped over our bucket at one point! imageEmory showed the boys how to run up and down the rows of berry bushes,image and then all was well!imageimageThanks for the fun playdate, Duprees!  We can’t wait to go pick our blueberries!

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