Four Months Old

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our sweet, happy thing! You're four months old today and full of smiles and giggles! You have a serious face, for sure, but you will smile for anyone these days and it's such a treat! imageYou got on your schedule right from the beginning, so nothing has changed there. You nurse every four or so hours during the day, take a morning and afternoon nap and a before dinner snooze, and then go down from 7:30 to 7:00 or 7:30. Your naps aren't always in your crib, but you love your carrier so you make due wherever we may be. :) Thank you! You haven't been as opposed to tummy time lately, and it's probably because of your new trick! You rolled over for the first time today! I didn't catch the actual roll on camera, but I did get the before and after. Before:imageAnd after! The surprised look on your face is perfect! It actually took me a quick second to realize that you did it, too! Great job, sweet one!imageOther fun things to note about you right now-you love to put your fingers in your mouth but don't care too much for a paci, you took your first bath the other day without a single cry and I could tell you enjoyed it!!, and you are so content really anywhere. You truly light up our days, Lambs!imageAnd you're pretty special to your big brother, too! Man, seeing the two you together-I feel like my heart could burst. God is so good! imageWe love you more than words can say, sweet one! Happy four months!

Love, Daddy and Mommy

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Lindsey said...

Sam is too cute! And so is Jack! I feel like he looks so different in the last few posts. They sure do grow fast! LOVE THOSE CHEEKS! XOXO