The Wiersma Family Baptismal Gown

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just like his big brother, Sam will be baptized on Easter Sunday. Also just like his big brother, he'll be wearing our family gown. Since he's older than most that have worn it, we tried it on just to be sure he'd also have the pleasure. And believe me, if it didn't fit, he'd still be wearing it!! imageMy great grandmother, Madge Woudenburg, made the gown by hand for her grandson to wear on his baptism day. That was my mom’s older brother, my Uncle Jim. Since him, over 25 babies in three different generations of our family have worn it on their baptism day. I love the story behind this gown and I love that my children can share in the story. When I dress Sam on the morning of such a special day in his life, I'll be thinking about my grandmother, mom, sister, and many aunts that did the very same thing. Thinking about what this day will mean for him and thinking that so many that I love became a Christian in the very same gown.

Taken on April 17
17 weeks, 2 days

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