The Royal Wedding

Friday, April 29, 2011

I’m so in to all things Royal Wedding right now!  I’m so fascinated by the years of tradition and history that surround the Royal family and of course I love a wedding, so to see the pomp and pageantry unfold-ahhhh!!  I loved watching Kate handle all the attention with such grace and poise and still appear to soak up every moment.  She looked so happy and so beautiful!  And I loved how Prince William loved on his new bride-so sweet!  Even though there were billions watching, they seemed to make it their day!imageThis is one of those “I’ll never forget where I was” moments.  I was glued to the TV with two precious little ones playing at my feet.  This one built a fort and then took a break to read a magazine and wait to see the royal flyover!imageimageA funny note, when Jack sees the new couple, he says, “That’s the Princess…and him!”  Should we get our chance to meet the Duke and Duchess, we’ll work on his royal manners!

wedding picture from Google Images

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