Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What a wonderful day-and for so many reasons!

Mark and I started our day before the boys, so by the time Jack woke up, we were ready to head downstairs and see what the Easter Bunny left.  (Side note:  I was downstairs after having put Jack in bed last night and I heard a handful of thumps.  I went to check it out, and Mark said Jack was out of bed and bunny hopping down the hall!  He was so excited!)

I’m not really sure what this face is, but let me tell you, Jack was so excited-he sprinted down the hall, image and then face-planted right in front of their baskets!image image He hopped up, tried the Easter Bunny’s leftovers, and then checked out his and Sam’s goodies!imageimage Jack loves band-aids right now.  If he bumps into anything, falls down, gets a scratch, you get it, he’ll immediately say, “I hurt myself.  I need a band-aid.”  (Usually followed by, “Kiss it, mommy!”)  So when he saw the band-aids in his basket, he told us he hurt himself and needed one on his arm.  Silly boy!image Daddy got an Easter treat, too!  As soon as Jack moved into his big boy bed, Mark started telling him bed time stories and made up a character just for him.  Paul, the friendly elephant with the long tail.  I commissioned an artist I found online to paint Paul and Jack, and Mark loved it!imageimage After a very special Easter Morning at church (that deserves it’s very own post!) and brunch, we came home and Jack and Kendall went on an Easter Egg Hunt!  They found a few eggs and one or two made it into the basket,image image imagebut they were mostly interested in the candy (surprise!),image and just playing outside!image Sam didn’t play outside, but he did check out his first Easter basket.  He seemed pleased!imageWe had a great day celebrating with family and friends.  We’re so thankful for what Jesus did on Good Friday and that we can celebrate the blessing of Easter Morning.  Alleluia!image

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Brother said...

What a happy family. One day I hope to be the same.