Emory’s Princesses and Knights Party

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Princess Emory turned FOUR today and had us over to her castle to celebrate!  As always, Amy did a wonderful job making the day special for the birthday girl and her guests!image Jack sat still just long enough to enjoy a royal PB&J imageand a yummy marshmallow pop, “Mommy, I want sprinkles!”,image and then he was off to slay dragonsimageand big boys!  Eeek!!imageSir Watson was more Jack’s size (and more in my comfort zone where sword fighting is concerned!) and these two had a great joust going.image image Uh oh, watch out Watson!  (No knights were injured in this sword fight!) image We sang a royal birthday wish to the birthday girl,image took our palace portrait (LOVE this!),imageand played inside a bit.  Guess what Jack foundimage and jammed on?!image It was a hot morning, so Watson decided to cool off a bit in the ice water and got some help from his Aunt Jo and Granddaddy!image imageJack thought Watson was on to something, so he played in the water, too, and then cooled off in the jump castle.image Sweet Boland helped celebrate, too!  He caught a quick nap and then joined the party, a happy, smiley boy!image image Thanks for having us to your royal affair, Princess Emory!  We enjoyed celebrating with you! How are you FOUR?!image

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