Seven Months Old

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I would say, for sure, that I was just in the hospital soaking up your newborn self except for the fact that your monthly picture now says July! How in the world? But what an amazing seven months it’s been! You’re a roller and a scooter right now, so it was hard to get a laying down shot-this might be the last monthly shot that looks like all the others. We’ll see.imageYou want to crawl so bad right now and I’m guessing we’ll see some movement in the next couple weeks. How cute will that be? image You got your first tooth this past month and handled it like a champ. It actually took me by surprise-you got a tooth four months earlier than your brother did, so I wasn’t really looking for it. Slow down, sweet boy!imageYou also started eating pureed foods this month and you’re getting really good with it. You don’t like oatmeal cereal (Jack never did either), but you do like sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and bananas. Green beans-we’re still working on those. Right now you give me a terrible face and then gag, even if I mix a spoonful with another veggie. imageYou’re such a mellow little guy and are very generous with your laughs and smiles. You’re easy to please and such a cuddle bug, which I LOVE! You sleep like a champ (wake at 7:00, two naps a day, and bed at 7:30), don’t care for a paci, and drool with the best of ‘em! I could just eat you up!!IMG_4394Jack is always interested in your monthly pictures. I think he thinks there’s something special about the calendar. As soon as he saw us, he came up and said, “I wanna be nakey like Sam.” So he took off his shirt and shorts and hopped right on the calendar!imageHe loves, loves you, Sam. What an answered prayer! He calls you Sammy Lamby, Sammers, GeeGee (not sure where that one’s from) and my bruder. He’ll bring you toys, show you new things, and talk to you all the time. If you fuss, Jack will go to you and say, “It’s ok, Jack’s right here.” Oh, may he always look out for you!imageSam, you are the most precious thing. You make our little family laugh and smile every day and you fill us all with so much joy. We love you from the top of your head to the tips of your sweet little (curled up and still so baby-like!) piggies!image

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