Celebrating the Fourth

Sunday, July 3, 2011

As is tradition, we celebrated the Fourth with a trip to the ballpark for some good ole Americana.  Good friends, good baseball, and some good fireworks (we’re sure of it)!  We had a great time-looks like it, doesn’t it?  Ha!  The rest of the pictures will tell the story.image The Goddards (and Mrs. Cec!!) were with us, of course!,image and the Carpenters joined us this year, as well!  We missed John Lewis, but his brand new baby sister was just precious!  Oooh, we love you already, sweet Laura!  Mark warned Scott that I might eat her right up-I so could’ve.  I mean look at that smile!image image This was Molly’s first Fourth of July and first Blowfish game-she did great, and Noah made sure she enjoyed herself!image LOVE these two!  (Side note:  Every time we go to Chick Fil A, Jack looks at his milk bottle and says, “Mommy, dares Noah!”.  Look next time you go…not exact, but I can see it!)image Jack loved watching the mascots dance on the dugout and kept asking for them to do it again.  Baseball wasn’t necessarily the main attraction amongst this crowd!imageHe still does whatever his daddy does.  Tonight, he would clap every time Mark did.  Too funny!  He really looks like he knows what he’s doing here!imageimageThe game ended and the celebrating got underway.  We did a salute to the troops, with special claps for Uncle Adam and Uncle Ryan during the Air Force song,image and then got ready for the fireworks (or a Nascar race)!image Sam did great, but Jack was another story.  We lasted about two minutes and then had to leave.  The songs were nice and the fireworks were pretty-as we walked to the car!  Oh well, we beat the traffic!imageWe love our little way to come together and celebrate our great country!  Thanks for a great night Goddards and Carpenters!


Mom said...

Oh,well one day he will be shooting them off himself...lol :)

Lindsey said...

Looks like a fun tradition! :)