This afternoon

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When it’s as hot as it is outside (already), we have to get creative playing inside.  Jack loves to watch Mr. Joe with all his tools when he cleans up the yard, so that was good entertainment for a while.  I love the play by play from Jack-“Mommy, he’s blowin dose leaves!”, “Mommy, he’s walkin in da road! (to put his tools back on the truck) He better be careful!”, “Mommy, he’s cuttin da grass llike this; cut, cut, cut!”imageimageimageSam’s not too interested in tools just yet, so he was having fun just rolling around!imageJack showed us his killer front roll skills,image image and Sam couldn’t keep his eyes off him.  I’m not sure if it was because he thought it was super cool or if he was scared Jack would roll over him!imageAfter Jack told me, “Don’t picture me, momma!”,imageI taught him how to push the shutter button after I set the self-timer.  He loved this and we must have taken 20 pictures!  Most of them turned out like this-he couldn’t stand still long enough for the 10 seconds to pass, he wanted to go push the button again,image but we did get two that turned out pretty cute!image

And after dinner, Jack enjoyed his favorite new treat!  It was a good day!image

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lsgrant said...

Looks like a fun time. You look good sister! :)