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Friday, June 3, 2011

Jack wore a collared shirt for the first time today, and I think it aged him!  He looks like a five-year-old, not a two-year-old!  When I put it on him, he said, “Just like daddy!”image So let’s take a moment to remember some of the funny, baby-er things he says and does!

1.  The computer is the ‘compuger’.
2.  The remote is the ‘camote’.
3.  When he wants more bed time stories/crackers/etc. he’ll say ‘laaast time!’ or ‘laaast more’.
4.  He still loves his lovie (although not as much it seems) and is starting to take a liking to his Blah Blah monkey-named Joka Joka by daddy and Jack!
5.  Mommy and Daddy kisses are still the cure-all for any boo boo.  I love that he’s so tender!imageAnd some not so baby things. 
1.  He still talks about the bird story so emphatically.  (I’m impressed by his memory.)
2.  He can count to ten (and sometimes more) and can recite most of Humpty Dumpty (video to come!).
3.  He likes to point out opposites (usually big and small) and colors.
4.  He’s doing a great job potty-training so far.  He’s gone several days with no accidents at school, but he still has an accident or two at home.  Diapers at nap time/bed time, of course.
5.  After meals, he’ll empty his plate into the trash and then take it to the sink.  He even asks to be excused-prompted a lot of the time, but he remembers on his own some, too!image

This little boy is such a joy and I’m so glad I get to be his momma!

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