The little encourager

Friday, September 30, 2011

Remember these pictures?  Jack was seven months old.image Well, at nine months now, it’s finally football season and time for Sam to wear the garnet and black!image We didn’t start out with that happy face, though!  I put Sam down in the grass, he started moving his feet back and forth, and then told me he did not like how it felt! (And I realized that was the first time he’s been on the grass without being on a blanket!)imageThat’s where our little encourager came in.  Jack can be rough with Sam, for sure, but most of the time he’s the protective, loving big brother.  I think he knows how much Sam loves him-“Momma, he just said Jack!  Dats cuz he loves me!”-and he loves that little guy so much in return!image He had a talk with Sam and told him that the grass is fun to play in.image Sam got tickled-and so did Jack,imagethey talked about the fun grass a bit more (I love how Jack looks at Sam!  I wonder what he’s thinking),image big brother gave little brother one more hug for encouragement,image and then Sam was all smiles!  All it took was a little pep talk from one of the coolest guys he knows! image


Mom said...

You can see the love he has for his little brother for cute

Erin said...