The Beach!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The boys and I headed home to go to the beach with grandma and grandpa for the first time this summer. (And guess what? I forgot my camera at the house!!! So, all the pictures of Sam’s first time at the beach are iPhone pictures! It didn’t let me down, though, so I’m thankful.)image image image imageWhat-first time?! I know. But we had a blast and we HAVE to go again really soon! Aunt Linds, Uncle Ryan, and Kendall came as well, so that was an extra treat!imageimageKendall loved, loved the ‘toss me high in the air’ game and kept begging her daddy for more! It did look fun!image image Sam played in the water a bit but he mostly hung out in the shade with grandpa-and ate some sand!imageJack was loving the shovel and lining shells up on grandma’s arm. image And these two big cousins-they had a blast!image image image My beach boys-we had so much fun!imageWhen we were about to go over the first bridge, this is what I saw: image Ha! Definitely the sign of a good time! Thanks, guys, for making our day at the beach so much fun!

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Wayne said...

Jack said he wants to move to be nearer to the beach.

I have a sand castle with their names on it.