Jack’s FIRST movie!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

What a treat!  I took Jack to his first movie today, and we both LOVED it!  Well, I know I did, and I’m pretty sure my t-tiny did, too.  If you ask him what he and mommy did together, he’ll say, “We went to my first movie-The LION King!” with a big emphasis on Lion!image The Lion King is one of my favorite Disney movies.  I can remember being at our cousins’ house in Florida when the soundtrack came out.  We listened to it all day long and made our own little book of words-with pictures!  Linds, Kenze, Laurena-anyone remember that?!  So when I saw the first commercial for the two week theatre event, I knew I wanted to take Jack.  He did great!  He sat by himself about half the time (with my foot holding the chair down so it didn’t sandwich him in!) and on my lap the other half.  Singing ALL the songs to him was much easier when he was on my lap!imageHe did say he wanted to go home a couple times and that he wanted his daddy once, I didn’t think about some of the scary parts from a two-year-old’s perspective, but an M&M made all his troubles go away!  He fell asleep with about three minutes left but woke as soon as the lights came on.  He was asking about the lion chasing the coyotes!  I had such a great time with you, little one!  You did a great job at your FIRST movie!image

please forgive the grainy and dark iPhone photos!

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