Tool guy

Thursday, September 8, 2011

“Momma, I look like a tool guy!”

Last night,image and this afternoon!imageWe’ve been having work done to our kitchen, and Jack has loved every ‘guy’ that has come to help.  He’s been very interested in their tools, so his weekend trip to Lowe’s included the purchase of a new tool box, tape measure, baby wrench, flashlight, and new tool belt!  They’re all favorites right now!

Funny story-He took the flashlight to bed (Mark gave him his first finger puppet show, and it was awesome!), and as we were winding down he unscrewed the bottom and the batteries came out.  He told me it was ‘broke’, so I said I’d take it to daddy to have him fix it.  He said, “No mommy, you a strong, strong lady.  You can do it!”  So of course I did, and then he said, “See, I told you!  Good job!”.  How about that for some encouragement from our two-and-a-half year old!  I love our bed time talks SO MUCH!!

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Gramma said...

Tool time....what a helper and such a cute one him