Our Easter

Monday, April 9, 2012

We had such a wonderful Easter Day!  One of my favorite bloggers often writes that the ‘air was thick’ meaning that there was just so much love and goodness and joy in the air that you could feel it.  I’m going to use that, because that’s exactly how I felt on Easter Day!  The air was definitely thick!  We were at church by 8:10, and the goodness just continued.  Linds and the kids joined us and the Lees sat with us, so we were surrounded by family and great friends during my most favorite church service!  The service was beautiful and moving and the music-oh the music!  We sing some of our favorite hymns Easter morning.

We enjoyed a yummy brunch at the Palmetto Club, where Jack and Kendall loved the bunny!, and then went home to see what the bunny left for the boys!image image imageimage image image Instead of hunting eggs again (I kind of missed that part.  We’ll have to do it just for fun this week!), Jack wanted he and Sam to put on their matching swim suits from the Easter Bunny and play in the water.imageimageimageimageimageLinds and I had a great time watching the cousins play as we chatted and enjoyed the beautiful day!  It was so great to be with family!  Mark was soaking up the Masters, so he was enjoying himself, too!image Sam was being a total back seat (side seat?) driver, and it was too funny!imageimageWe ended the day watching Bubba Watson win The Masters in a playoff.  We were so excited for that SEC boy and brand new daddy!image So, yes, the air was thick at our house.  We had such a blessed day all because of what Jesus did that first Easter Morning.  He is RISEN!


Erin said...

So sweet! I now associate Masters with Sam, when Mark came home to Jacks big brother shirt. Happy two years to yall! :)

Lindsey said...

We had so much fun! I sooo wish we lived closer!