Ethan’s Baptism Day!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our sweet nephew Ethan was baptized today, and he was such a good boy!  His parents made a promise to raise him as a child of God-what a blessing for him!  He wore our family baptismal gown, just like his big sister, and was the perfect newest Christian!  That boy, I could eat him up!image We had a yummy lunch at the Grant’s after the service, and enjoyed all the family time!  Unfortunately the weather wasn’t so great, so my pictures of this wonderful day are seriously lacking.  I did get these two goofy boys, though!  (And here’s some good parenting in action-Sam eating a carrot on the steps while being choked hugged by his brother!  Nice!)image image Ethan, you’re a blessing to our family, and you will continue to be in our prayers!  We love you!imageAnd just for fun, me and the boys in the gown on our baptism days! image

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Linda said...

I just looked at Ethan's Baptismal pictures and they are just adorable. Loved the way you did his picture with the blue cross! The family picture of Ryan and Lindsey with the children is very good. We so much enjoyed having everyone here for the meal and fellowship. Your little guys are just precious! Thanks for photographing this special event!