Cottle Strawberry Farms

Friday, April 20, 2012

The boys and I headed to pick strawberries with Clark, Katherine, and Patrick on Tuesday, and boy was it fun!  It totally makes me feel like a 1950s housewife when we’re there, and I love it!  Jack mostly loved running up and down the rows of berries just like last year, but Sam-he was TOTALLY in to it!image image image Jack loves Buzz Lightyear right now, so we heard, “To infinity and BEYOND!” several times as up and down the rows he went!image Sam, though, got busy!  He saw me pick one berry and then knew exactly what to do.  He picked one, squished it, picked another, ate it, grabbed more, and continued to have a ball!  He was a MESS!!, but I just let him go.  He was having a blast!imageimageimage He dumped the bucket a few times, but that was no problem!  He just took a seat and played with those for a bit!image image Katherine’s a pro, so she was kind enough to help Sam along the way! image image Focused!  Focused, I tell ya!image image image image imageimageJack found something he wanted to climb on when we were leaving-a REAL John Deere!image image Thanks for the super fun play date, Lees!  We used all our berries to make jam, so we need to go back!!  And thanks, Clark, for helping me basically bathe Sam!  That boy was covered in strawberries!

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