Sam’s out-y

Monday, April 30, 2012

I’m sure you’ve noticed Sam’s belly.  He’s had an umbilical hernia since birth, and our plan has always been to ‘watch it’.  Thankfully, it doesn’t bother him a bit.  Funny, sweet story-we had a new babysitter, and she texted me to make sure he was supposed to have the bump on his belly!  LOVE that she was concerned enough about our boy to reach out to me!!imageWell, we met with the pediatric surgeon the other day, and he said that all is well for now.  They don’t recommend children under two going under general anesthesia (increased risks of certain learning issues, etc.), so while it’s something that will need surgical correction, right now it’s considered elective, and we’re electing to wait.  We’ll revisit the issue if we notice any changes or after he turns two.  For now, we’ll just keep saying that he’s so cute, he just can’t contain it all! :)

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