Monday, December 12, 2011

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!  My husband, he’s unreal!  Here’s how it went-

I was decorating for Sam’s first birthday party Thursday night, and in walk my parents!  How fun!  Dad had business in Gaffney that week, so mom went with him.  He sometimes stops by to say hello on his way home, so I was surprised to see them but it wasn’t out of the ordinary-until Mark told me to pack my bags!!  My parents were keeping the boys for the weekend and we were leaving the house at 7am!  He wouldn’t tell me where he was taking me until we were in the car in the morning.  What?!?!  This, from my husband who’s usually bad at keeping secrets, a HUGE surprise!  I love surprises!  Needless to say, I didn’t go to sleep until very late that night!

We woke up early, got ready, kissed the sleeping boys, packed the car, kissed mom good-bye, and drove off.  I had a feeling we were getting on a plane, but I still didn’t know.  Mark made a CD to tell me where we were going, so he put it in.  The first song, “Luck be a Lady”-we’re going to Vegas!!!  SO fun!!  We’d been once before and loved it!  He let me think that for a minute and then played the second song-“Mexico”.  I knew that wasn’t it-we packed coats and sweaters!  Next, “Sweet Home Chicago”.  I knew it, I knew it!  We haven’t been there and it’s on our list!  I was so excited!  Exploring a new place with my main man-how fun!  That song played for a couple minutes, then he said, “You know, I can’t take my number one girl to the number two city.”  He played the next song, “New York, NEW YORK!!!”  Are you kidding me?!?!  Seriously!!?!??  I started crying.  I couldn’t believe it!  He was taking me to New York-to see the Rockefeller Center Tree and soak up the sights and sounds of the amazing city at Christmastime with my number one-ah!  I don’t deserve this man!imageI could. not. stop smiling, and I really couldn’t believe it!  But before we knew it, we had checked our bags at our hotel and were eating lunch at Del Frisco’s looking at The Tree!imageSince this was a SURPRISE, I hadn’t changed my voice mail at work-I thought I was going to be THERE today!  I went to the ladies room to call my assistant to ask her to change it for me, and I took a picture.  Who does that except someone who is out-of-her-mind excited to be in New York!  Babe, you’re amazing!image We ate a yummy lunch, and then went to play in the city!imageSt. Patrick’s Cathedral-and the tree in front of the Madison Avenue entrance of our hotel-is beautiful.  Just beautiful!image image imageWe walked over to Central Park and loved seeing everything, I mean everything!, decorated along the way!imageimageimageWe walked back to our hotel to get ready for our date night-dinner at Frankie and Johnnie’s, drinks at a fun bar in the Theatre District, and then to The Al Hirschfeld Theatre to see this amazing show!  I’m telling you what, it was GOOD!!  If you’re in New York, I highly recommend it!imageimageAnother fun surprise-we got to go backstage after the show!  Our good friends, Allison and Shaun, are good friends with Cam Adams (who was GREAT!) and she was kind enough to host us for a bit.  It was so neat to be on the stage of such a successful Broadway show talking with a cast member!  (Side note:  I kept thinking to myself, “I didn’t know anything about this just last night, and now here I am on Broadway!”  What?!?!)  She’s also the understudy for Rosemary, the lead actress, and she played that part the week before we were there.  I’m telling you-she’s good!imageAnd that was our amazing Friday.

Saturday morning, I went to the Today Show!!  Our hotel is just blocks from Rockefeller Center, so I was there in no time.  I didn’t get there super early, around 8:00 I think, but I still got to be in the crowd and see Lester and Amy for a segment outside and of course watch them through the window.  I stood by a Girl Scout troop hoping to get on TV, but Linds said they were on before I got there.  Oh well!imageThe other BIG advantage of being out earlier than most is that there isn’t a crowd around The Tree yet!  I love it SO much!imageimageWe didn’t have anything scheduled on Saturday, so our plan was to take a cab to Soho and just walk.  When we got back to the hotel that night, I think Mark figured we walked about five miles.  I’d do that five miler any day!

We passed a handful of New York City Christmas Tree lots which were set up on the corner of any given street-so urban and so fun!  They made me smile.  We strolled down a quite street admiring the Brownstones.  Really, it was quite.  There were signs posting warning of a $350 fee if you honk!!  We also stumbled upon Purl Soho!  I read their blog, so I felt like I had bumped into a celebrity!image We went to the American Museum of Natural History and took lots of dino pictures for our dino-loving boy!  imageimageI sent my dad the picture on the right to show Jack that his daddy is friends with a T-Rex!  He already thinks Mark is pretty cool, but I’m quite sure this made his stock rise even more!image We ate lunch at Shake Shack, and yes it’s as good as ‘they’ say.  We left there and got some great views of Central Park West and NYU Law.  image We walked through Little Italy and Chinatown, and man was that interesting.  I don’t know what I expected, but I didn’t expect to see storefront after storefront of seafood and eels swimming around in coolers.  They were busy, too!  We went into a bakery and saw a bread making class-so fun!-and then stopped in a bar for a drink.  It was the Santa Pub Crawl on Saturday, and we must have seen 100, maybe 200?, people all over the city dressed as Santa, Mrs. Claus, elves, reindeer, presents, gingerbread men-it was nuts!image We saw Grand Central Station decorated for Christmas, found a really great pizza restaurant to eat some really great New York Pizza (can’t remember the name of it though!) and then walked to Magnolia Bakery for dessert!  We got it to-go, walked back to our hotel, ordered a movie, and ate our sweets with our feet up!  We covered so much but there’s still so much to see and do!  What a Saturday!  imageSunday was a busy day, too!  We were going to the Meadowlands to watch the Jets play!  We’ve always talked about going to an NFL game, we like Rex Ryan, I ‘know’ and watch a handful of Jets players, PLUS they’re the NEW YORK Jets, so what a great team to watch!  We stopped by the Tree for a visit first, and Mark endured my request for multiple tree pictures (thanks, babe!!),image then we made our way to the subway for the first time.  It was really easy-at least for me since I was traveling with Mr. GPS!  Mark’s sense of direction will rival Garmin any day!  We took the subway to Penn Station, Penn Station to Secaucus, NJ, and straight to the Meadowlands from there!  And I literally mean straight there.  We got off the train and walked the distance from the Cock-a-booses to William’s Brice-so convenient!  And roundtrip was about $30 for both of us!imageThe Jets were playing the Chiefs, so we got to see Ryan Succop kick again.  He made a 50-something yarder in the picture-gooo Gamecocks!  We had great seats and the weather was pretty nice, too!  Mark even surprised me with a little team spirit to keep my head and ears warm!imageimageThe Jets won big, we got Jack a new jersey (we have a little Darrelle Revis walking around our house!  Revis Island, baby!) and then we made our way back to the City.  We had time to say good-bye to the Tree, we had a drink at our hotel overlooking 51st Street, and then we headed to the airport to arrive home safely at 11:30.  What a trip!image I still can’t believe my super-sweet-usually-not-so-good-at-secrets husband planned all this and swooped his so undeserving wife away for a Christmas weekend in my favorite city-just the two of us!  It was magic.  Thank you babe!!

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