Happy Birthday, Sam!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy birthday to you!imageHappy birthday to you!imageHappy BIRTHDAY dear Sam!imageHappy birthday to you!imageSam, how old are you? One, one, one, one-one, one, one, one-Sammy Lamby’s one, one, one, one!imageSam loved his birthday morning song and he loved his brother’s help with his presents! imageYou know what else he loved?imageJust like with Jack’s first birthday present, I wanted to find something that would be appreciated for generations to come. Sam LOVES the stacking rings, so I knew he’d love these new wooden ones, too. And they both like the frog pull toy!imageimageimageimageHe played with his new toys for a bit, but then Jack came and told him it was time to play golf-and he was off!imageWe have so much to celebrate about you, sweet one! We thank God for you every day! (More birthday posts to come!)

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