PJs with Santa

Friday, December 2, 2011

I took our big boy on our first Christmas date of the season tonight.  Sam and Mark played at home, and Jack and I went to PJs with Santa!  I told him he was going to get to talk to Santa and he got excited.  I totally didn’t believe the excitement based on the last two years, but it’s such a sweet event for the kids, so I was excited, too!

We walked around for a bit and were going to do a craft with Callie and Chloe and James, but then Jack spotted Cocky and nearly jumped out of his skin.  I’m totally doubting that he’ll talk to Santa at this point!  We headed to watch Rudolph instead-a safe distance away from the Cocky sighting-and he loved it, popcorn and all!imageThe line to see the big guy was pretty long, and it wasn’t getting any shorter, so we hopped in and I started psyching him up!  The first thing he said he wanted to ask Santa is what’s in his pockets.  The boy loves pockets!  Then he said he was going to ask him for a John Deere car and a new hammer for Sam.  So sweet!imageimage As we waited we got to talk with some of our friends!  We chatted with Hudson and his family and the Goddards and got to watch countless others practice being patient! image We finally made it to the front of the line, and Jack still seemed so excited!  He watched the family before us take their turn and wanted so badly to talk to Santa-he kept asking me to call his name.  I explained that his turn was next and he could talk with him then.  I really couldn’t believe his excitement this year!  Our turn came, and wouldn’t ‘cha know, our big boy hopped right up there and talked to Santa-and smiled!  He did his nervous-shy-stick-my-tongue-out thing at firstimage and then smiled a big, happy smile!  And sure enough, he asked about his pockets and told him about the car and the hammer.  I was so proud it brought tears to my eyes!  Sitting on Santa’s lap-a little thing.  Watching your little boy grow up right before your very eyes-a big thing.  Thank you God for this wonderful gift of being his momma!imageWhen his turn was over, we were talking about how fun that was and what a nice man Santa is.  Jack said, “Mommy, Hosanna is my BEST friend!”  And then we ran into the Duprees-yay!-and Watson was his best friend!  Aren’t they sweet!image image Such a fun, fun, nightimage


Mom said...

They have the same color hair. Looks like he had a great time.......he talked about it several times over the weekend. Soooo fun

Lindsey said...

Way to go Jack! That's great sees! So cute! I want to come to pj's with Santa soon!