Lights before Christmas

Friday, December 16, 2011

The boys and I went to the Zoo tonight for the Lights before Christmas and it was so fun!  We were there right when it opened (actually 45 minutes early!!  oops!), so we didn’t have a huge crowd to walk with which was great!imageSam checked it all out from the stroller and seemed to love it, and Jack, man Jack-he amazes me.  His favorite part was the fake snow falling.  He danced all around as it fell on his smiling-from-ear-to-ear face.  And then we danced together.  And then we danced with Sam.  It brought tears to my eyes watching him enjoy, with all his might, such a simple thing.  I love these boys and love soaking in all I can about them!  (Video to come-I need to upload it!)image

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