Christmas Day

Sunday, December 25, 2011

After our fun morning, we got ready for a day of celebrating with family.  My family came just before lunch and we had a great time!  It’s so fun to watch these babies open their gifts and play together!  Of course Uncle Adam was there, too, but I don’t have any pictures of him!  How did that happen?!  And, we didn’t take a family picture of our own either, darn it!  I’m thinking we’ll take one on the 12th Day of Christmas, ok babe!?  Look at those sweet babies with their sweet grandparents! Kendall-23 months, Jack-34 months, Sam-12 months image Baby Ethan will be celebrating with us next Christmas!image We ate a yummy lunch and then opened gifts-everyone was so generous!  Thank you so much!  (Side note:  Jack spiked a fever, 102.4, just before lunch which was really weird.  He’s been a little cough-y, but really no symptoms of any kind, just a fever.  We gave him some Tylenol and he bounced back.)image image image Grandma bought Jack and Kendall each a recorder-they loved, loved them!  Thanks SO MUCH grandma-ha!  Grinch Michelle and Grinch Ryan took them away after five minutes of them playing their favorite songs! :)image We celebrated Jesus birthday in the traditional fashion-a cake and the birthday song of course!  We lit all the candles of our child-friendly Advent wreath and barely finished “Happy Birthday” when they were already blown out.  I’m glad they were excited about the candles and hope they’re really learning the Reason we’re celebrating!  image Oh, and I was there, too!  See!  This is a horrible picture of me, but it’s also the only picture of me!  Thanks, dad!  As much as I love taking the pictures, I want to be in some, too, so our boys can look back at them and see their momma living their days with them.image Before we knew it, it was time for my family to head home.  Sam was very sad about that, but I told him the Thomases  were coming, so he perked up! :)imageWe opened gifts, and were spoiled again!, and then played and enjoyed some dessert.  I was terrible with my camera, but I’ll tell you, we had a great time!image image As everyone was leaving, Jack’s fever came back, so he and daddy headed upstairs to snuggle and watch Cars while Sam and I played with the train.image Um, he loves it!imageimageThank you all so much for celebrating with us!  Christmas wouldn’t be the same without our families!  Merry Christmas!

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