Our Newest Christmas Eve Tradition

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I love traditions. I love the little, fun ones and the big, important ones. But, you know, there’s something special about Holiday traditions that make me want to soak up every last bit of those sweet times.

Mark had a special Christmas Eve present for our family this year, and with it, we started a new tradition. The boys and I unwrapped a first edition copy of The Night Before Christmas with an inscription that brought tears to my eyes. Mark will be reading this story to our kids each Christmas Eve for years to come!imageimageimageimage


Jack has really enjoyed counting down to Jesus’ birthday with our Advent calendar this year. Each day he’d say, “Mom! We got-fer (forgot) to do a number!” So we’d go to the calendar and he’d ask which number we were on, always trying to grab the star from the 24th pocket-just like his daddy does! Well tonight, it was time to hang the star on top! I love this tradition, too, and I hope it helps him (and all his siblings) to understand the waiting and preparation of the Advent Season.image

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