Jack’s first Carolina game

Saturday, October 8, 2011

After talking about it for weeks and telling him what to expect, we took our big boy to his first Carolina game!  He LOVED it!  We got to the tailgate a few hours before kick-off, and Jack was a pro.image He threw the football with the coolest guy he knows,image imagethen the Starnes’ pulled up and Jack found a buddy!  He and Evan could’ve played football for hours!image imageHe took a water break image and then told a few jokes with his daddy.image We didn’t have a full tailgate this time, but we did get to be with a lot of our great friends-my favorite part of tailgating!  We saw Grace and Lucy (Sarah was there too-just missed a picture of her),imagethe Starnes Family (minus Anna),imageand John Lewis.image It was time to head to the game, so Jack hitched a ride.  Mark and I were so excited to show him the Gamecocks!  I can remember getting all dressed up and standing in the student section (the entire game) with my awesome boyfriend, and now we’re bringing our first born with us-how great is that!imageimageAt first there was so much going on that he didn’t know what to think.imageimageHe started to warm up,imageand then was cheering with his daddy!  imageUncle Adam even joined us for Jack’s first game-yay!imageWe made it through three and a half quarters, but we had a tired little Gamecock on our hands (whose naptime was smack in the middle of game time), so we headed home.  Before the stadium was out of sight, this little one was snoozing.imageWe had such a great time.  It was a real treat to take Jack to ‘Cocky’s house’ so he could help cheer on the Gamecocks!  And his first game was a huge win-maybe he’s good luck?!  Thanks for keeping Sam, Grandma and Grandpa Thomas.  It’ll be time for his first game before we know it!  Gooo Gamecocks!

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Wayne said...

Jack scored a WINNER Mom and Dad no matter how the game turned out.